Iain Billett iainbillett at
Mon Jul 30 09:40:05 PDT 2012


After a bit of struggling I now have the styling somewhere close to the
designers' spec. I've attached a screenshot for convenience.

I'm working on several things. Firstly, the thumbnails should be the right
way up. I'm going to investigate optimising the layouts for different
screen sizes. It'd be nice to have some drop shadow around the thumbnails,
too. Finally, we need a way of loading the thumbnails without going into
the document. I think that updating the thumbnails on closing the documents
makes sense but we need a way to generate thumbnails for new docs. I tried
for several days to do this but it frustrated me. I think I'm close now, if
the fix I have in mind works it should be done/ mostly done tomorrow.

All the best,

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