A Desugn Suggestion

Arnold Bailson arnold at greenmail.org.uk
Thu Mar 1 03:06:41 PST 2012

I realize that this may not be the right place for this suggestion. If 
that is so, my apologies: please pass it on to the correct place.

I now have macular degeneration in my second eye. I find it convenient 
when reading to use a hand-held lighted magnifier and this has brought 
very clearly to my attention the business of moving attention across the 
page and then backtracking to the beginning of the next line.
I imagine it would not be insurmountably difficult to lay out alternate 
lines im opposite directions  and this would remove the problem of 
wobbling onto the wrong line on the way back. If we could re-train are 
hence so as to read in alternating directions this might greatly improve 
the speed and comfort of reading for everyone.

I realize that such an advance would bring its own problems, not least 
whether or not to reverse the direction of the letters within words on 
alternate lines. However, I do think the idea might possibly be worth 

I propose also ventilated this idea with my favourite publisher, the 
Oxford University Press.

Arnold Bailson
in Milton Keynes, UK

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