[REVIEW 3-5, 3-5-1] Make libxslt link the right libxml on mac ppc

Alexander Thurgood alex.thurgood at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 06:22:31 PST 2012

Le 29/02/12 20:13, Alex Thurgood a écrit :

> Sorry, by default setup, I meant the OSX server, not my LO build, I
> should've been more precise. I'm not in front of the box at the mo, but
> basically am building with virtually all of the extensions, the
> binfilters, mysql connector enabled, and mozilla build disabled.

Just to add to my previous mail, the config switches I'm using :

./configure CC=ccache gcc-4.0 CXX=ccache g++-4.0 --with-max-jobs=4
--with-num-cpus=2 --with-vendor=The Document Foundation --enable-epm
--enable-binfilter --without-system-libxml --disable-cairo-canvas
--with-java-target-version=1.5 --enable-ext-presenter-minimizer
--enable-ext-presenter-console --enable-ext-pdfimport
--enable-ext-wiki-publisher --enable-ext-report-builder
--enable-ext-scripting-beanshell --enable-ext-scripting-javascript
--enable-ext-nlpsolver --enable-extension-integration
--enable-online-update --without-system-postgresql --enable-epm
--with-epm=internal --enable-python=auto --disable-systray
--enable-extra-gallery --enable-extra-template --enable-extra-sample
--enable-extra-font --enable-ext-numbertext --enable-ext-oooblogger
--enable-ext-google-docs --enable-ext-diagram --enable-ext-barcode
--enable-binfilter --enable-ext-watch-window --disable-mozilla
--disable-mozilla-build --without-doxygen


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