using Windows in VM

Cor Nouws oolst at
Sun Mar 4 02:30:08 PST 2012

Hi devs,

I have the idea that it might be useful to consider encouraging devs on 
Linux to use Windows in a VM.
I know that some of the devs are actively using Windows build 
environments, but also that others haven't even a running Win OS to 
check certain issues.
Setting up a VM is not a big deal, and if needed the Board could step in 
paying for licences.
It would make checking / communicating on certain issues much easier. 
Checking yourself is more direct and often not much more work than 
commenting that you cannot, and hope that others will shed some light on 
it etc. Well, I could continue with listing other advantages.

( I installed Win7 in a Virtualbox myself for testing and can confirm 
that it did not ruin my primary OS, nor the HDD and that it's easy to 
close once you're done ;-) )


  - Cor

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