make version on Windows, cygpath problems, ..

Tor Lillqvist tml at
Sun Mar 4 08:24:47 PST 2012

> I was once curious why 386161779b55755f145106cd53c5df80967e1c3b
> was necessary, so I tried to install more versions of make and indeed make 3.81
> does not like mixed paths (cygpath -m) and needs unix paths in make's rules.

I use our very own patched make 3.82 on Cygwin...

> Because of this there are many problems, we need
> gb_Helper_convert_native and similar things.

Nah, that is needed because the compiler and other native Windows
tools don't understand Cygwin paths.

> Do you think it's worth a try ?

Anything that can make the makefiles simpler is worth a try....

I tried reverting 386161779b55755f145106cd53c5df80967e1c3b and indeed
now I see no problem. If I remove the workdir/wntmsci12*/bootstrap
file, dmake gets rebuilt just fine. Hmm. I don't remember what problem
it was I saw when I did 386161779b55755f145106cd53c5df80967e1c3b.
Maybe it indeed can be reverted. Maybe something else has changed that
now makes it unnecessary.


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