[PATCH] fdo#33043: Would be nice if the 'Start Center' had an exit button

Tor Lillqvist tml at iki.fi
Mon Mar 5 02:30:24 PST 2012

> Ah - this might be to help with systems that don't have a window
> manager in the same way that desktop systems do.

Hmm, but at least on some such systems applications are never supposed
to "exit" by themselves, and definitely not offer the user any way
inside the application to "exit".

Instead the systems have some standard uniform way to leave
applications (leaving it running in the background, but the user need
not be aware of that), or switch applications; and then when returning
to the application it is supposed to be (or seem to be) in the same
state as when the user left it. And it's the system that asks the
application to quit if it is in the "background" and resources are
getting scarce (and then forcefully kills it if it doesn't obey).

Not only mobile systems like Android and iOS use this paradigm, but
also Mac OS X is going in this direction. (But  then, adapting LO to
that will take a while, and there are more urgent modernizations
needed on the Mac front...)


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