offapi again builds faster; user of gb_Deliver_deliver responsible for the directory

Matúš Kukan matus.kukan at
Mon Mar 5 14:11:27 PST 2012

Hi all,

I was inspired by Norbert's work in d44a3e291cb8c4b3ec5ce1775edd527b475ebca4
I removed calling mkdir -p from gb_Deliver__deliver[1], so now the
user of that function is
responsible that the directory where he wants to deliver something exists.

On cygwin this is really improvement:
Building offapi is now much faster if you build with only one job: make -sr
real    27m38s  ->  12m6s
user    26m41s  ->  10m18s
sys     18m34s  ->  7m36s

It's not two times faster when using 4 processors but still really
good: make -srj 4
real    14m23s   ->  10m0s
user    27m39s  ->  10m32s
sys     29m3s    ->  9m34s

I don't think the change is also visible somewhere else than in offapi
but at least some improvement for cygwin.
Hopefully I did not break anything.



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