[PATCH] fdo#33043: Would be nice if the 'Start Center' had an exit button

Noel Grandin noel at peralex.com
Tue Mar 6 05:40:08 PST 2012

How about just a button, positioned somewhere on the bottom right, with 
the text "Exit" on it?
That would closely mimic the existing behaviour of platform dialogs, 
which is what this most closely resembles.

If you really want an icon next to the text, use the platform's close 
icon (a small "x" on windows and ubuntu).

On 2012-03-06 15:33, Stefan Knorr (Astron) wrote:
> Hi all,
> I tend to think we don't really need this...
> * Android/iOS/Windows Phone don't need this (as Tor explained)
> * MeeGo/Mer (sadly) currently doesn't have hardware industry partners
> * Tizen is apparently all about HTML 5, so I don't know if it's even
> realistic to port there. Also, it's vapourware so far.
> * People using alternative WMs on Linux can probably use the menu bar.
> Feel free to disagree.
> A screenshot of LibO with patch applied is attached. I'll also add
> that positioning the icon on the bottom right sounds like a better
> idea than positioning it so close to extensions/templates/info.
> In any case, we already have an icon called [sl]c_quit.png in
> icon-themes/(theme)/cmd/ that should fit the purpose.
> Regards,
> Astron.
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