[PUSHED][PATCH]fdo45671 writer par. bg color simplified code for split button

Winfried Donkers W.Donkers at dci-electronics.nl
Thu Mar 8 02:41:20 PST 2012

Astron wrote (08-03-2012 11:22)
> >>To the uninitiated, this behaviour might seem very confusing (exactly
> >>as it did to Ivan). In Excel, the default background colour seems to
> >>be yellow, so let's do something similar here – I don't like yellow
> >>per se, but Excel users are probably used to yellow, so no need to
> >>break the functionality for them.
> >>So, I'd propose to use either "Yellow" or "Chart 3" as the default.
> > Just let me know which initial colour you prefer and I will try to
> > implement it :)
> In the interest of consistency and contrast... the best is probably to
> use "Yellow."

Whilst working on the next button I encountered buttons like table background colour in writer. These are not (yet) split button, but have a grey bitmap as default, with COL_TRANSPARENT as default colour.
Apart from writer highlight colour, all background colour buttons I have seen so far in LibreOffice, have COL_TRANSPARENT as default, with a gray bitmap.
I do not want to be irreverent, but does this not require some extra thought and/or advise from ux (I think that is where the user side of LibreOffice is discussed, but it could be something else)?
Or could we consider using a checquered (gray/white) bitmap, like used in GIMP for transparent?


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