MinGW-Port: Problems with UnoUrlResolver

Helmar Spangenberg hspangenberg at frey.de
Thu Mar 8 10:01:20 PST 2012

> > In case someone is interested I will supply a short example (Qt/MinGW
> > based) how to start an LO with an empty "sheet of paper" out of a small
> > program. I don't want to pollute the list, therefore tell me a
> > (central) address where to send the files to.
> 	Sounds really useful - we should license it with some hyper-liberal
> license too so people are happy to cut/paste it. BSD or somesuch.
I agree - since I learned my part of LO programming that way, too, I feel I 
should return something useful to the community ;-)
> 	How large is that ? It sounds like a good thing to have in
> odk/examples/cpp - perhaps 'qt-mingw-demo' or something ? hopefully the
> source is not too big ? the other samples are ~20k or so.
Unpacked something like 15k - but I still want to write a little README since 
someone really has to be very careful with regards to the whole environment. 
But once the environment is set up, the whole thing seems to work rather 
So probably tomorrow I will have written the missing "manual"; should I send 
the tarball to you?
> 	Really glad you got things working :-)
So am I - but (maybe you already have realized it) I ran into the next problem 
working with TextTables ;-)

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