GSoC & error during make

Josh Heidenreich josh.sickmate at
Thu Mar 8 14:18:43 PST 2012


> this is a known problem when using make 3.81 and is fixed on master now:

In the commit message for revision 294b86e3dbbd Michael Stahl wrote:
> This is all quite ugly and should be reverted once support for make 3.81 is dropped.

What is the time-frame of this happening? I'm guessing when 3.83 is
released, meaning LibO won't have a dependency on a _single_ (known to
be slow) version of make? Okay so looking at the make website, I
expect 3.83 will come out in 2014, so is it more likely that support
will be dropped when a number of distros have updated?


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