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Mon Mar 12 02:45:44 PDT 2012

Dear Admin & Developers,

During the migration from OOO Calc to LO Calc we have decided to use web 
services in order to connect LO Calc with J2EE server (JBoss). We 
succeed to log in, do authorization, take / load list of reports and 
amend selected report.We are loading list of reports in Java Swing(see 
figure, please note menu:fina and additional Toolbar with Log in, Log 
out, Iterators, Parameters , formulas, etc. ).


 1. Any chance to do it using LO frame instead of Java ? If yes than
    will it work faster with LO frames (based on your experience) ?
 2. Do you recommend to continue with Java dialog or LO dialog?



P.S. Can we publish our Add On on LO site  when  it will be ready ?

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