Issue with delivering of main_transform.xsl on 3.5 and later

Petr Mladek pmladek at
Mon Mar 12 07:08:15 PDT 2012

Tomáš Chvátal píše v Po 12. 03. 2012 v 14:07 +0100:
> We in Gentoo are using that file because we use the helppack build in
> the RPM files (same as translations) as those two really slow down the
> build time with no real benefit for the user. So the crash is proper
> because we are using local help files not the wiki. If I do not store
> the helpfiles the online wiki loads properly.

Ah, I have finally understood your problems. I thought that these files
were needed for online/wiki help.

Hmm, I have had similar problem already in LO-3.4. I have solved it by
the following hack:

1. During build of the main package:

# hack to add icons for helpcontent that is build separately 
    . ./*
    mkdir -p $SOLARVER/$INPATH/res/img
    perl helpcontent2/helpers/
-dir=default_images/res/helpimg >$SOLARVER/$INPATH/res/img/helpimg.ilst

2. during installation of the main package:

# common helpcontent files 
# create symlinks to /usr/share for noarch help packages 
mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%lo_prefix/%lo_home/%lo_basis_dir/help
mkdir -p $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%_datadir/%lo_home/%lo_basis_dir/help
echo "%dir %lo_prefix/%lo_home/%lo_basis_dir/help"
echo "%dir %_datadir/%lo_home/%lo_basis_dir/help"
for file in idxcaption.xsl idxcontent.xsl main_transform.xsl ; do
    install -m 644 solver/*/unxlng*.pro/bin/$file $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%
    ln -sf %lo_prefix/%lo_home/%lo_basis_dir/help/$file
    echo "%lo_prefix/%lo_home/%lo_basis_dir/help/$file"
    echo "%_datadir/%lo_home/%lo_basis_dir/help/$file"

You might either use similar hacks in your build script.

Or even better would be to add extra option --enable-common-help-files
or so and make sure that helpcontent2/helpers/ is called
during normal build and that the files are installer. You need to modify
scp2 to fix the installation.

Best Regards,

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