Bibliography DB and DBaseIII files [was: Patch for Easy Hack 45033]

Winfried Donkers W.Donkers at
Tue Mar 13 00:33:51 PDT 2012

> > b) oddly base doesn't seem to "PACK" the dbase III files after
> >    editing, so deleted records still take up space in the file,
> >    possibly a bug worth fixing ?
> Do you have an idea of how to "PACK" a dbase III file? Is is already
> implemented in our code and we just need to add the function call or
> does that need to be added, too?

I used to work a lot with dBASE III files (quite some time ago) and I remember that delete and pack were two separate commands. Deleteing a record did not remove the record from the file, it merely placed an asterix in the (hidden) field for that record.
Pack was a command that was run to remove deleted records (using it for each delete was too time consuming).
So, historically, the behaviour under b) is not a bug.


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