[ANN] LibreOffice 3.5.1 RC2 available

Petr Mladek pmladek at suse.cz
Tue Mar 13 05:50:39 PDT 2012

ape píše v Po 12. 03. 2012 v 04:34 -0700:
> Hi, Peter
> 1. You have almost solved the problem open the formula as the OLE-object
> formula in the form of the OLE Math object
> (libreoffice-3-5~2012-03-09_13.41.25_LibO-Dev_3.5.2rc0_Win_x86/Win-x86 at 6-fast;
> the file "16b.docx" - https://bugs.freedesktop.org/attachment.cgi?id=58261).
> But there is one problem: it is necessary to delete a single character - is
> once an object that is created for some reason when you open the "16b.docx"
> (see the attachment). The "long-formula" will fail if the user does not
> delete the "delta".
> And it is - a great job.
> http://nabble.documentfoundation.org/file/n3818974/16b_open.png 

Ah, I am mixed again. In the previous mail you mentioned two types of
formula objects:

+ 1st type:

	+ Word-2010 exports this formula as the OLE-object "image"

+ 2nd type:

	+ Word-2010 exports this formula as the OLE-object "formula"
Now you mention "OLE Math object" in relation with 
the test document "16b.docx" from
https://bugs.freedesktop.org/attachment.cgi?id=58261. Is this the same
as the OLE-object "formula" that you mentioned yesterday? Or is it a new

In addition, I have newer heard about this document in this thread. 
What bug is is it attached to? What is the exact problem with it? What
is solved when you delete a single character? Does it import the formula
or does it export the formula better?

> 2. But this does not solve the problem with "proekt_MU"
> (https://bugs.freedesktop.org/attachment.cgi?id=57754), containing both
> types of formulas: by the Word-2003 and by the Word-2010.  This is a
> separate bug. What to do with it?

ok, let's sort it the following way. IMHO, we have several bugs here:

1. LO on Windows does not import the rest of DOCX document after a first
   OLE object. This is being solved in the bug

   We were lucky and solved this problem today when fixing another bug.
   So, it should work in 3.5.2 and 3.4.6. Note that it is too late for

2. import/export of formula as the OLE-object "image"
	+ please, open new bug for this if it is broken in LO-3.5[*]

3. import/export  of formula as the OLE-object "formula"
	+ please, open new bug for this if it is broken in LO-3.5[*]

[*] It would be great if you attach a document that will include a
single page with the problematic formula. Please, do not mix the two
types of formula together.

Then you should provide a description how to reproduce the bug, for

	LibreOffice-3.5.1-rc1 is not able to import the formula in the
  	attached document. It shows an empty box instead.

        The document has been created using Word-2010. It exported the
        formula as OLE-object "image".

        LibreOffice=3.5.1-rc1 is not able to export the formula in the
        attached document. Steps to reproduce:

        1. Open the attached document:
	2. save it
	3. open it in LO (or MS Office)

        Result: The formula is missing. There is empty space/box

	Mention your observation what happens when you edit the
        formula, ...

It is easy as this. The description should clear. The steps should be
easy to follow. Then it is ready to be picked up by a developer and
everybody will be happy.

Endnote: You did great investigation with the different OLE objects. The
bugs are valid bugs. The only problem is your style of communication.
You mix many things together. You describe some findings but you do not
mention enough context. I sometimes have a felling you do not read what
others write because your answer does not mention anything from the
previous replies. You are not consistent in the names of features.
The result is that people are confused. Please, try to read your
comments before you send them.

Best Regards,

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