minutes of ESC call 2012-03-15 1500 UTC

Bjoern Michaelsen bjoern.michaelsen at canonical.com
Thu Mar 15 11:07:23 PDT 2012


here are the minutes for todays ESC call:

attendees: Norbert, Eike, Rainer(?, seems to have dropped from the call),
Kendy, Petr, Stephan, Lionell, Markus, Cedric, Caolan, Bjoern

* Completed Action Items
        + Add GSOC tasks to the wiki:
                + fwd. Eike Svante's multi-user proposal (Thorsten)
                + layout / toolkit conversion task (Caolan)
                + bunch of ideas / slide-show re-work etc. (Thorsten)
        + take updated ESC composition to the board (Thorsten)

* Pending Action Items
        + [still pending] extract 64bit build hardware from firewall (Kendy / Admins)
        + rename VCL API to make it GetBeamerFoo & fix (Michael)
        + [ongoing] respond in the gerrit bug fdo#44498 with some rational (Bjoern)
        + Add GSOC tasks to the wiki:
                + [ongoing, ETA today] multi-user / telepathy / co-editing (Eike)
                + add graphical conditional formatting task (Kohei)
                + better template translation (Andras)
        + [ongoing?] post results of exception analysis shortly (Michael)
        + [ongoing?] cost and usefulness of exceptions proposal (Michael)

* Action Items review
        + gerrit call minutes, please have a look (Bjoern)

* Release Engineering update (Petr)
        + 3.5.1 is out today, looking good
        + 3.5.2 code freeze on Monday
                + please provide patches RSN
                + reviewers greatly appreciated
        + 3.4.6 status
                + test build are available
                + on track for ~Wednesday
                + last 3.4 micro, it fits nicely that 3.5 is already in
                  great shape

* GSOC update (Cedric)
        + tomorrow candidates will learn about possible projects
        + please prettify task (code pointers etc.)
        + now is the time to get students involved
        + EasyHacks do _not_ have to be completed yet, but by application time
        + help possible students to get up to speed with build and EasyHacks

* QA update (Rainer)
        + Rainer seems to have dropped from the call
        + still a short discussion on regressions and release plan
                + little optimism wrt to release plan changes being relevant
                  to improve the regression situation, but open to concret
                + there are three kinds of bugs: (Bjoern)
                        + regression
                        + bugs since the beginning of time
                        + feature request
                + ... and bugs in new features (Lionell)
                + the last one is one we should have a closer look at
                + as for regressions, we should care about having them
                  weighted by severity (Petr)
                  => realistic data hygiene in bugzilla
        + first QA last Friday, please have a look at the minutes (Bjoern)

* ad-hoc topic: git submodules for non-core repos (Norbert)
        + sounds good to use a preexisting solution instead of homegrown
          tooling (Thorsten)
        + alternative: handle other repos like external libs/tarballs
          (like libwp*)
        + external lib solutions exist (oo.lst and friends) and is tested
        + binfilter is still updated quite regulary and would likely hurt by
          this (Stephan)
        + load/mirroring/latency issues with regular tarball updates (Petr)
        + so we really want submodules for binfilter and ext-lib for the rest,
          but without the duplicated work? (Bjoern)
        + another possibility would be to teach ./download to use
          "git archive" directly
                + still might cause quite some extra load
                + introduces explict git dependency in ./download, might or
                  might not be an issue for packagers (Bjoern)

* summer time, when will be the next call? (Norbert)
        + call is set in UTC and does not change without explicit notice
AA:     + announce very loudly if the call changes slot in UTC timezone
        + 17:00 local might be preferable to quite a few (Eike)
AA:             + is that 1700 CET or CEST? (1600UTC or 1500UTC)

corrections and additions welcome.



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