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Jon Strabala jon.strabala at
Thu Mar 15 13:31:36 PDT 2012


As per the start of the thread by Michael, I too would like not to
start form scratch
and then try to assist with the port of LibreOffice, his initial comment:

> I was thrilled to read of your efforts trying to get LibreOffice going
> on OpenIndiana; it'd be great to get any patches you have back into the code

As to Michael's comment about a preferred compiler:

> I'd suggest trying to build with gcc/g++ and fixing that

I agree and would like to help work towards this choice for purely
selfish reasons
although I have SunPro availible I myself want to use gcc/g++ port
since all illumos
based operating systems (openindiana, smartos, illumian) will soon
move to gcc/g++
as the primary compiler for the common kernel (illumos).

Looking forward to someone sharing any notes or even untested patch sets.


jon DOT strabala AT quantumsi DOT com

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