GSoC idea to improve LightProof

Коростіль Данило ted.korostiled at
Sat Mar 17 16:15:01 PDT 2012

Hi folks!

I want to be honest. I was planed to be involved in LanguageTool 
project. Unfortunately, Google refused their application form for some 
reasons. I wasn't ready for that cruel turn. However I have big hope 
than I can switch to LightProof (because it's almost the same project). 
I have some experience of localization and languages rules. Actually I'm 
current Ukrainian coordinator of LO localization.

So I'm just spreading new idea. Is it acceptable as a task? I've already 
mailed to László Németh (creator of LightProof). Most likely he will be 
my mentor.

Also as Ukrainian, I want to add support of my language in LP and carry 
on working on LO localization process hardly.

Discuss! I'm ready to be flexible and loyal for any responses.

Best regards

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