Cppcheck reports "Uninitialized variable bIsRow" in formulaparser.cxx

julien2412 serval2412 at yahoo.fr
Sun Mar 18 02:41:51 PDT 2012


Cppcheck reports this :
[source/filter/oox/formulaparser.cxx:2611]: (error) Uninitialized variable:
Here are the lines :
   2608 bool BiffFormulaParserImpl::readNlrSAddrAddData( BiffNlr& orNlr,
BiffInputStream& rStrm, bool bRow )
   2609 {
   2610     bool bIsRow;
   2611     return readNlrSRangeAddData( orNlr, bIsRow, rStrm ) && (bIsRow
== bRow);
   2612 }

Now the function called is just the lines after :
bool BiffFormulaParserImpl::readNlrSRangeAddData( BiffNlr& orNlr, bool&
orbIsRow, BiffInputStream& rStrm )
Ok, so orbIsRow must be initialized on this function. The pb is it isn't
always the case.

Moreover "readNlrSRangeAddData" is called by  2 functions :
- BiffFormulaParserImpl::importNlrSRangeToken
- BiffFormulaParserImpl::readNlrSAddrAddData

Now the question, should the boolean variables be initialized by the 2
calling functions, if yes at which value ?
Or should there be a default value (which one ?) on readNlrSRangeAddData ?


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