[PATCH] Missing sub-menu arrows with 3.5.x and GTK < 2.15

David Bolen db3l.net at gmail.com
Sun Mar 18 19:08:17 PDT 2012

Using LO 3.5.x on a system with GTK < 2.15.0 loses all the sub-menu icons,
because there is no menu item arrow-scaling property until then, so the
code introduced in commit 948c14ee appears to scale the arrows to 0%.

I realize that's a pretty old GTK version, but I ran into this on my Ubuntu
8.04 LTS system (GTK 2.12.9) and assume there are some others (like RHEL)
that will have older versions for a while.  Plus, the requirements page on
the LO web site still lists GTK 2.10 as the requirement.

Attached is a small patch that restores the arrow icons when running
against GTK < 2.15.0, essentially by picking an arbitrary (but reasonable
in my tests) default scaling.  I also check before attempting to retrieve
the arrow-scaling style to avoid a bunch of GTK runtime warning messages,
but it works fine too if only the default scaling line is changed since GTK
doesn't change the variable contents for an unknown style.

-- David
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