Question about less-than and greater-than in Arabic

Jan Holesovsky kendy at
Mon Mar 19 01:51:24 PDT 2012

Hi Khaled,

I've got the following report:

----- 8< -----
The Arabic keyboard layout in X11 has the less-than sign (<) on the same
position as the left curly bracket ({) in the English keyboard layout.
Same for > and }. If I type in the terminal, these two display as
printed on the Arabic keyboard. However, in both LibreOffice and gedit,
which support RTL, the < and > signs are swapped. So when I type 1<2, it
displays 2>1 aligned to right. I guess that someone has made the effort
to swap the symbols and this is the intended behaviour and that users
expect this. But I would be very grateful if some native speaker could
confirm this.

Please see the attached screenshot, showing the string "1<2" entered
into the gnome-terminal, gedit and LibreOffice.
----- 8< ----

Can you please help me to understand what is the correct, expected
behavior? :-)

Thank you,
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