GSoC idea to improve LightProof

Коростіль Данило ted.korostiled at
Mon Mar 19 04:55:19 PDT 2012

> If Lazlo is happy to mentor it sounds fine to me - can you create a
> well defined task statement / idea - which is bounded and clear ie. so
> we can assess whether you are 50% through 100% done etc. Then we can get
> that in the wiki for you.
It depends on Lazlo. He as owner ought to know what's better for his 
project. Nevertheless I will manage some wiki/blog related to my 
progress anyway. Be sure. ;)

> 	It would also be fantastic to have a mentor from the LanguageTool side
> - there was talk of re-using / sharing rules from LanguageTool which
> sounds like some dual-mentor-ship might be a good idea.
I really don't get the point of dual-mentoring clearly. Perhaps I will 
ask my ex-mentor (now I'm not sure how to call him exactly :-) ) from LT 
project (he's developer of my locale both spellchecker and LT). Perhaps 
you mean easy-to-port rules system. Then it's really hard. Because of 
Java and Python difference. Anyway I need Lazlo to talk LT guys.

> 	And of course, we'd want to have some easy-hack in this area committed
> before we go too much further:-)  if there is no EasyHack in this area,
> can you suggest something ? the real intention there is to make sure you
> are fully equipped for the task, have everything you need (build-tree
> wise) to get going, and are able to create&  send in patches.
I guess I will make some rules for English locale (not mine) for better 
understanding whether this rules are acceptable. Is it fine, huh?

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