Build failure on Windows/MSVC because of embedserv

Tor Lillqvist tml at
Mon Mar 19 05:55:55 PDT 2012

> Running it under Dependency Walker's profiling, it seems to say that
> libxml2.dll is missing a manifest, or has a broken manifest. Sigh...

OK, so if I manually copy also the libxml2.dll.manifest that gets
built to the "program" folder, it proceeds a bit further, I see the
splash window with progress bar even. But next then also libxslt.dll
is missing its manifest file. However, even if I manually put that in
place, it still doesn't start. (And why do we have libxml2.dll both in
"program" and "URE/bin"?)

Is there anybody who actually manages to build *and* run master with
MSVC these days? Is it only I who fail? Oh well.


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