Unused code patches

David T. Biedrzycki dtbiedrzycki at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 13:08:16 PDT 2012

These patches are very small and pretty simple. The following patches
are contributed
under the LGPLv3+ / MPL.

IIT's newly founded ACM is starting some work on open source project and
this is our first start. Attached are some patches that remove
some unnecessary code. We do have a question though, how up to date is the
unusedcode.easy file? There are *many* methods that have already been
removed that are still listed. If we are missing something, please let us
know, otherwise, we have been working on, and have almost finished,
automating a process to remove methods from that file that no longer exist
in the source.

Thank You
David T. Biedrzycki
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