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Fri Mar 23 11:30:36 PDT 2012

I am writing about the LibreOffice Base project in GSoC 2012. I
am interested in open source development particularly in all ex-Sun Micro
systems open source products. I am from Pakistan, currently in my junior
year of undergraduate studies in computer sciences at FAST-NU Lahore. I
have extensive experience of working on open source systems at Software
Engineering Research Centre (SERC) at FAST-NU Lahore under the guidance of
Dr. Fakhar Lodhi.

At Software Engineering Research Centre in FAST-NU Lahore I have worked
inside the source code of MySQL. My team and I have worked on the solution
to various bugs in MySQL namely Bug # 20093, Bug #50675, Bug 54034 and Bug#
50507. We have studied the code base of MySQL extensively. Our next project
due in SERC is embedding MySQL/SQLite as a default in LibreOffice Base
which happens to be the same thing you want to be implemented in GSoC 2012.
We have already started scratch work on it (building LibreOffice and SQLite
and then embedding SQLite under Base).

There are a few queries regarding GSoC 2012. First, my understanding about
your GSoC requirement is that you want SQLite working as a default in place
of HSQL database in Base of LibreOffice. The pre requisite written on
LibreOffice GSoC profile says that you need to solve one of the Easy Hack
Programming Tasks but one of the easy hack programming task matches up with
the GSoC 2012 idea of Base. Second, I cannot find out the development
mailing list for this project. Please clarify these issues to me.
Regards Waqas
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