minutes of ESC call ...

Tommy barta at quipo.it
Sat Mar 24 06:41:35 PDT 2012

On Fri, 23 Mar 2012 10:34:16 +0100, Michael Meeks <michael.meeks at suse.com>  

> Hi Tommy,
> 	Thanks for your mail ! :-)
> On Fri, 2012-03-23 at 06:29 +0100, Tommy wrote:
>> > 	+ about 1/2 of the calc regressions are already fixed in 3.5
>> > 		+ 3.4.x will get no more updates
>> > 			+ no need to explain more, close them.
>> > AA:		+ review and re-close these / discuss in QA call (Rainer)
>> I wonder what will happen to the still open 3.4.x most annoying bugs (23
>> bugs yet). https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=35673
> 	Good question - I guess one for the QA call later today (it'd be great
> to have you there). I suppose we should (as you say) check that they are
> all either fixed in 3.5.x and/or make them 'most annoying' for 3.5. I
> guess volunteers to do that work (if that's what QA decides) are also
> appreciated :-)

well, I can try to re-test the open "3.4.x MAB" on 3.5.1 to see which one  
could be
considered FIXED and which one are still affecting the 3.5.x family so  
they could
be moved to "3.5.x MAB" page.

for example this bug: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=39006
is still reproducible in 3.5.1 (see my report) so could be added to "3.5.x  

I did not add it yet because I want official permission to do that.
I'd also leave that bug on the "3.4.x MAB" page just for historical  

probably Reiner anf the guys from QA could adda message at the bottom of  
the 3.4.x MAB page
telling user that 3.4.x will be no longer developed so any further bug  
nomination should be
done in the 3.5.x MAB page

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