Investigation into bug 35862 - allow "increase/decrease font" for text selection with multiple font sizes

Ahmed at
Tue Mar 27 02:11:03 PDT 2012

Logic in this line is executed when selecting text in different sizes in
writer, and it disables buttons.
     if( !aSetItem.GetItemOfScript( rSh.GetScriptType() )) 
                    rSet.DisableItem( nSlot ); 

I tried to comment the line and test without it to see if it works - now
buttons are visible but increasing or decreasing fonts in different sizes
are still  not working! 

I think that case FN_GROW_FONT_SIZE and case FN_SHRINK_FONT_SIZE in method 
"void SwTextShell::ExecCharAttrArgs(SfxRequest &rReq)" are responsible for
actual increase and decrease
and the problem may be here.

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