[PUSHED] fix for fdo#46738, formatting lost when more than 84 formatted rows after last data row

Noel Power nopower at suse.com
Tue Mar 27 04:29:36 PDT 2012

On 27/03/12 11:55, Noel Power wrote:
> On 27/03/12 04:26, Markus Mohrhard wrote:
>> Hey,
>> [1] fixes the export bug that more if more than 84 empty but formatted
>> rows were after the last row containing data, the exporter skipped
>> those rows.
>> The patch is safe and should not change the behavior in any other case
>> but will allow to switch other methods too that might have been
>> accidentally affected by the original change.
>> Regards,
>> Markus
> looks good to me, if no-one objects I will push later ( currently my 
> 3-5 has a half complete patch still uncommitted I want to finish )
> Noel
ok, pushed now


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