[REVOKED][REVIEW]46901 slideshow uses cairo on Windows

Winfried Donkers W.Donkers at dci-electronics.nl
Fri Mar 30 01:07:25 PDT 2012

>It appears that fdo46901 has been fixed and pushed for 3.5.3. 
>I would very much appreciate it if it could be pushed to 3.5.2 as well, as it is a blocker as far as our company is concerned.

>(don't know if the nessage header contains the correct tags)


I just found out that it has been pushed to 3.5.2RC2, that is, the problem is no longer there : ) 
I was misled by the comment in fdo 46901, which said that it will be available in 3.5.3.
Sorry for the confusion and thnaks for the fix :-)

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