intermittent flaw in gnumake deps on Win32 ..

Regina Henschel rb.henschel at
Fri Mar 30 03:23:23 PDT 2012

Hi Lubos,

Lubos Lunak schrieb:
> On Friday 30 of March 2012, Michael Meeks wrote:
>> Hi guys,
>> 	Regina's problem comes down to a corrupt .d file.
>> 	Any ideas how that could happen ? are these generated by a pipeline ?
>> are we failing to delete them if a compile fails mid-flow ?
>> 	Then again, Regina didn't abort the build manually, so the
>> ctrl-c-in-mid-flow case is not at issue.
>> 	Thoughts,
>   Is the problem reproducible? And if yes, does using our own make from contrib
> help? I don't know if it's related, but I had the stock cygwin make
> generating broken .d files (although IIRC the problem was generating Windows
> paths rather than Unix paths).

I'm using the LibreOffice patched version of GNU Make 3.82 already.

Kind regards

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