[Libreoffice-ux-advise] named formatting attributs overwrite automatic formatting attributs (paragraph / character)

Maxime de Roucy mderoucy at linagora.com
Fri Mar 30 11:16:27 PDT 2012


For me, character style and paragraph style should behave the same.
I change my mind and think that character style should behave like the
paragraph style :
If you apply a style on something (text or paragraph) the style should
overwrite the preview style and directs attributs on this something.
If you apply a direct attribut on something the direct attribut should
be merge with the preview style and direct attribut on this something.

But I don’t like very much the idea to force people to use style


Maxime de Roucy

Maxime de Roucy
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Le vendredi 30 mars 2012 à 07:53 +0200, Jean-Francois Nifenecker a
écrit :
> Hi,
> Le 29/03/2012 22:09, Rafael Rocha Daud a écrit :
> >
> > This is intended behaviour. LibreOffice makes an assumption that when
> > you apply a style you want the paragraph to look like that, so it
> > overrides the direct formatting that had been applied to the whole
> > paragraph. The assumption works otherwise when the direct formatting was
> > affecting only a portion: you want the paragraph to look like the style,
> > but you want that portion to retain it's direct formatting.
> >
> > Generally, direct formatting overrides styles, but they are not really
> > meant to be used in conjunction, but you still can if you want to. The
> > best thing to do in your specific case is to change the style itself so
> > it applies your bold atribute (or you may create a new style, based on
> > that one, to do that). The second best thing is to apply the direct
> > formatting after applying the style (but remember you will have to do
> > that for each paragraph you want that atribute in, and you will have to
> > re-do it if you later change the paragraph style again.
> >
> To me there are two questions : the one Maxime asked, ie the homogeneity 
> between paragraph style and character style use. The second one is 
> whether the tool should encourage to a correct use of the tool or not.
> Homogeneity
> I share Maxime's thoughts and, imo, both style types should apply the 
> same, iow, applying a style should replace the underlying formatting 
> (direct or style).
> Correct use
> Styles are the first reason to adopt LibreOffice. This should be highly 
> emphasized and promoted. As a trainer, I always bring questions back to 
> styles: "3 times upon 2, using a style solves the problem" (yes, 3 times 
> upon 2 ;). Hence, direct formatting should be discouraged. Better yet, 
> for instance, pressing the "B"old toolbutton should apply the correct 
> character style (bold emphasis by default) instead of setting the bold 
> property to the underlying characters.
> Side note: I feel a very important need for table styles in Writer.
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