GSOC 2012 , submitting a patch for easy hack

kud360 kud360 at
Fri Mar 30 21:06:51 PDT 2012

Hi Everyone ,
I am GSOC 2012 Aspirant and a 2nd year undergraduate from NMIMS University,

I am interested in the android development concerning the Idea "Use your
SmartPhone to remote-control slideshow" . I plan to use the WLAN and
Bluetooth to achieve this. Also I plan to add a feature to this app , to
change slides by using the accelerometer phone sensor , so that user can
change the slide by simply giving a jerk in the required direction. Till now
i have managed to get a reasonable stable connection between a laptop and
phone which can find each other when connected to the same network. 

Also , I am new to open-source and community based development , I managed
to patch an Easy Hack 

Easy Hack 47864 - UI: Add HELP button and content to Starmath Font size

I have committed this to my local git repository and re-based to master
branch , however i am having trouble making a patch file , I get this output
by the command git show :

commit 3429351866f18e20693fb97b70d6d2c40b62f259
Author: Karan <karan at karan-VirtualBox.(none)>
Date:   Sat Mar 31 08:27:10 2012 +0530

    Added help button in Fontsize dialog of starmath

diff --git a/starmath/inc/dialog.hxx b/starmath/inc/dialog.hxx
index de3a02f..9415114 100644
--- a/starmath/inc/dialog.hxx
+++ b/starmath/inc/dialog.hxx
@@ -143,11 +143,13 @@ class SmFontSizeDialog : public ModalDialog
     FixedText       aFixedText8;
     MetricField     aBorderSize;
     FixedLine       aFixedLine1;
+    HelpButton      aHelpButton;
     OKButton        aOKButton1;
     CancelButton    aCancelButton1;
     PushButton      aDefaultButton;
     DECL_LINK(DefaultButtonClickHdl, Button *);
+    DECL_LINK(HelpButtonClickHdl, Button *);
     SmFontSizeDialog(Window *pParent, bool bFreeRes = true);
diff --git a/starmath/source/dialog.cxx b/starmath/source/dialog.cxx
index 4895514..1c961ee 100644
--- a/starmath/source/dialog.cxx
+++ b/starmath/source/dialog.cxx
@@ -43,6 +43,7 @@
 #include <vcl/waitobj.hxx>
 #include <vcl/settings.hxx>
 #include <vcl/wall.hxx>
+#include "vcl/help.hxx"
 #include <sfx2/dispatch.hxx>
 #include <sfx2/sfx.hrc>
 #include <tools/string.hxx>
@@ -439,6 +440,17 @@ IMPL_LINK( SmFontSizeDialog, DefaultButtonClickHdl,
Button *, EMPTYARG /*pButton
     return 0;
+IMPL_LINK( SmFontSizeDialog, HelpButtonClickHdl, Button *, EMPTYARG
/*pButton*/ )
+    // start help system
+    Help* pHelp = Application::GetHelp();
+    if( pHelp )
+    {
+        pHelp->Start( rtl::OUString( RTL_CONSTASCII_USTRINGPARAM(
"HID_SMA_FONTSIZEDIALOG" ) ), &aHelpButton );
+    }
+    return 0;

How can I get a patch file for my commit , I tried the instructions on wiki
page , but that did not generate any file :(

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