About LO Mac OS bugs which appear if accessibility options enabled

Alexander Thurgood alex.thurgood at gmail.com
Sat Mar 31 03:43:53 PDT 2012

Le 31/03/12 12:19, julien2412 a écrit :

> What about putting these bugs to "RESOLVED/NOTOURBUG" ? :-p
> More seriously, I really wonder if it's  due to LO bug(s) or Accessibility
> bug(s) (mix of both/depend on the LO bug reported ?)

At a wild guess, incompatibilites in the new APIs used by Apple as it
marches on with the evolution of its OS and LO's archaic use of the old
AT API interface methods...

The problem with your suggestion ;-) of setting to NOTOURBUG is that the
problems will get worse. As it is, people with a disability requiring
the use of the AT APIs can not use LO on Lion, or apparently Leopard,
without it crashing on them willy-nilly and in extremely random situations.

This means that if nothing is done, i.e. if we can't find a Mac
programmer who knows the AT APIs and can convert our crappy Carbon/Cocoa
kludge (which has served us well so far, but is really out of date) to
deal with those issues, then we will ultimately cut ourselves off from
anyone with a disability.

As it is, LO suffers, due to its OOo heritage, from accessibility issues
independently of the OS, simply because it wasn't designed in advance
with accessibility in mind, and that got thrown in as an afterthought by
Sun/IBM at some stage during OOo development. If we now continue to
alienate even more those with a disability, then there is no way that LO
will gain significant market penetration with any form of administration
that requires accessibility issues to be taken seriously. The biggest
case in point I can remember is the Massachussetts state deciding not to
migrate to OOo because of its failure to adequately deal with
accessibility issues, whereas at the time MSO had no such problems (at
least not that would make the situation any worse than it was).


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