[HELP] Base Windows-specific issues (Hackfest?)

Lionel Elie Mamane lionel at mamane.lu
Thu Nov 1 06:13:41 PDT 2012


There are a few Windows-specific issues and/or ideas in Base. As I
don't have a Windows build / development machine / experience using a
debugger / ..., I'm wondering whether a LibO-on-Windows developer
would be willing to collaborate on these. During the Hackfest (Münich
November 2012) would be a good opportunity, for example.

Most pressing:

ADO broken -> cannot open MS Access files
regression wrt 3.5
1 dupe

Other stuff (bugs):

Crash when ODBC-connecting to IBM DB2
(there is a gratis version of DB2 to run for tests)

The MinGW build freezes instead of showing an error message on
incorrect ADO URL

Connecting to Lotus Notes (through ODBC) is broken *again*
Not sure if there is a gratis version of Lotus Notes to install for tests

Other stuff (enhancements):

UI to set workgroup (System DB) when opening MS Access (.mdb) files


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