building failure in binfilter

Jean-Baptiste Faure jbf.faure at
Tue Nov 6 02:02:12 PST 2012


Stephan Bergmann-2 wrote
> On 11/06/2012 10:34 AM, Jean-Baptiste Faure wrote:
>> When building the master this morning, I got the following error
>> messages.
>> Build was succesful yesterday, before the two last commits on binfilter
>> and
>> Error messages:
>> ...
>> Compiling: binfilter/bf_svx/source/items/svx_rotmodit.cxx
>> Compiling: binfilter/bf_sch/source/filter/xml/sch_SchXMLWrapper.cxx
>> /home/jbf/LibO/master/binfilter/bf_svtools/source/syslocale/svt_syslocale.cxx:
>> In constructor ‘binfilter::SvtSysLocale_Impl::SvtSysLocale_Impl()’:
>> /home/jbf/LibO/master/binfilter/bf_svtools/source/syslocale/svt_syslocale.cxx:68:59:
>> erreur: no matching function for call to
>> ‘CharClass::CharClass(com::sun::star::uno::Reference
> <com::sun::star::lang::XMultiServiceFactory>
> ,
> This smells like your binfilter is not checked out to the latest commit 
> after all.  What does "git submodule" print?

You are right, it prints:
jbf at jbf-laptop:~/LibO/master$ git submodule
+9e1d8c9cfa1197c4fa5685240549fed3134e4f7c binfilter
 028f44069fd346ba07b3a0263ee340022eb44d6c dictionaries
 6291844ea9c4c1d6863c62cbd33e841ff21d3e7a helpcontent2
 6d66e3242a10fbf54ae7d843fc823cf348fcec26 translations

What should I do to update my local copy of binfilter? Is "git pull -r" not
enough ?

Best regards.

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