export HTML

Harri Pitkänen hatapitk at iki.fi
Mon Nov 5 10:01:51 PST 2012


On Sunday 04 November 2012, Rob Snelders wrote:
> The export-option in the options-dialog -> Load/Save ->
> HTML-compatibility states that you can save for LibreOffice Writer,
> Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. Looking at the code that
> states Netscape 4-compatibility.
> But has this still any value? As the browsers are for basic HTML
> compatible for some years. I think that the Netscape output also works
> in Internet Explorer.

I have been (very slowly) working on simplifying HTML export modes for some 
time. So far all of the differences between the modes have turned out to be 
useless with modern browsers. At this point the difference between the 
remaining three formats (IE, Netscape, Writer) is just that Netscape does not 
support "full styles" and IE does not support HTMLMODE_FRM_COLUMNS (whatever 
that means).

So I'm fairly sure that we could remove the whole option and just use the 
"LibreOffice Writer" mode unconditionally. But I haven't yet had the time to 
look at this carefully enough to be sure.


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