[PATCH] #fdo36324 #fdo42929 - option to ignore system input language changes

Jeremy Brown jeremy.r.brown at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 10:46:42 PST 2012


I wanted to check if anyone had seen this and had a chance to look it over.



On 11/2/12, Jeremy Brown <jeremy.r.brown at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> This is an enhancement to deal with the following issues:
> https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=36324
> https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=42929
> Files modified:
> cui\source\options\optgdlg.cxx
> cui\source\options\optgdlg.hrc
> cui\source\options\optgdlg.hxx
> cui\source\options\optgdlg.src
> officecfg\registry\schema\org\openoffice\Setup.xcs
> sw\source\ui\docvw\edtwin.cxx
> unotools\source\config\syslocaleoptions.cxx
> unotools\inc\unotools\syslocaleoptions.hxx
> Changes made:
> Created a new checkbox on the Languages options page:
> [] Ignore system input language
> This is unchecked by default so that the current behavior is the default -
> i.e. newly entered text will be flagged as the whatever the current system
> input language is.
> When checked however, this instructs LibreOffice to ignore the system
> language (on Windows for example, the language from the Language Bar)
> when determining the language for newly entered text. This is handled in
> the lcl_isNonDefaultLanguage method of sw\source\ui\docvw\edtwin.cxx.
> The option is also saved in registrymodifications.xcu
> There are two main use cases:
> 1. This allows someone to use a single "international" keyboard on
> Windows to type in multiple languages, (e.g. English, French, and
> Spanish) without changing the system keyboard. The person is then
> responsible for setting the language of each word or run of text
> themselves using the Tools->Lanuage->For Selection/For Paragraph/For
> all Text menu items. This seems to be the preferred workflow for some
> translators and some educators developing language materials.
> 2. This allows someone writing in a minority language that is not
> represented in one of Windows' locale options to still be able to
> type in their language using a keyboard in another "language". Once
> they set the language in LibreOffice (to Teke-Eboo [ebo_CG] for example),
> they can type with a keyboard tagged as being for "English" or "French",
> but still succeed in entering new text in their language. This allows
> spell-checking to work properly, without them having to select each new
> word they enter and reset the language of that word to Teke-Eboo, as is
> currently the case.
> I tried to follow the code for the "DecimalSeparatorAsLocale" checkbox
> on the language page as I made this patch. Hopefully I've done all
> right.
> It's been tested on Windows 7. I think there is no expected behavior
> change on most Linux distros because if I understand right, those
> systems don't report a language to LibreOffice.
> Thanks,
> Jeremy

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