modules removal surprises

Michael Stahl mstahl at
Thu Nov 8 11:46:28 PST 2012

On 08/11/12 19:58, Matúš Kukan wrote:
> Hi,
> with recent surprise-commit e10124b20efb8cb7caf0f02fc537147a6505aa1d
> "Goodbye gettext, glib, gdk-pixbuf, pango, libcroco, libgsf and
> librsvg"
> we are getting closer to removing dmake.


> In wiki page dedicated to gbuild conversions [1] there are only two
> 'please-don't-convert-this' modules:
> binfilter

will be removed soon.

> moz - in the end, this one needs to be gbuildified because we use it
> for Windows ?

AFAIK it is currently used for Outlook Express and Outlook address book
access.  Fridrich has some idea how to reimplement that without moz and
then it will be removed.  if you want to get your hands dirty with win32
programming you can help getting it removed faster :)

> But maybe more modules are going to be removed ?
> possible candidates:
> berkeleydb migrationanalysis stlport ??

berkeleydb will be removed with Apache rebase.

migrationanalysis... don't know what that is, there is no dependency on
this module.

stlport is only necessary for compatibility of existing extensions that
may be linked against it; it is no longer used by LO code.

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