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Thu Nov 8 12:00:06 PST 2012

Hi all,
On 08/11/2012 20:51, Andras Timar wrote:
> Hi,
> On 2012.11.08. 19:58, Matúš Kukan wrote:
>> But maybe more modules are going to be removed ?
>> possible candidates:
>> berkeleydb migrationanalysis stlport ??
> I used migrationanalysis (Professional Analysis Wizard) a few years ago.
> It created nice spreadsheets and charts about potential document
> migration problems: " does not support this or that
> feature". The problem is that even some years ago, it looked outdated.
> Now it must be completely obsoleted. Document compatibility is getting
> better release by release. The unmaintaned Professional Analysis Wizard
> is useless and produces misleading reports. It is a good candidate for
> removal.

>From what I remember of a discussion with Sun, it was an error to add it
because it was not supposed to be open sourced and had been removed from
the translation repository (I remember it because of its so poor
translation in French ;)

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