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Alex Thurgood alex.thurgood at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 00:29:34 PST 2012

Le 08/11/2012 17:39, Michael Meeks a écrit :

> 	+ should we drop Rhino, Beanshell & javascript in 4.0 ? (Michael)
> 		+ could be turned into an extension
> 		+ was in the past was turned off (Stephan)
> AA:		+ disable Rhino / Beanshell unless in experimental mode (Michael)
> 		+ for future deprecation / removal.
> 	+ upgrade bundled python to 3.0

Surely, shouldn't we be promoting access to UNO via a variety of
scripting languages rather than removing the bits that others have
managed to successfully integrate in the past ?

Is there some issue with maintenance or known future compatibility
headaches ? AFAIR some effort went into converting these from optional
extensions into pre-compiled features, so why remove them (or make them
hard to find) in 4.0 ?

Just my 2cents FWIW


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