localization contributors in credits ?

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at suse.com
Fri Nov 9 07:59:21 PST 2012

Hi Valta,

	I moved your query about adding localization contributors to the
credits to a better place - the developers' list. It sounds 
like a great idea; I'd love to have that on the credits page:


> IMHO, this would be very appreciated by the majority of them, as we
> are not all "programmers/coders".

	We would need someone to contribute some code to make that happen.
Sebastien maintains that but is busy, the repo is at IIRC:


	Contributions most welcome :-) Sebastian did some work recently to
split out the artwork contributors which improved things there. The hope
is that that same file ends up as CREDITS.odt in the distribution -
though the updating is currently done non-automatically.



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