build failure, undefined symbols XML_...

Tor Lillqvist tml at
Mon Nov 12 01:29:18 PST 2012

> I am trying to build from the git tarball of 2012-11-03, commit id
> 445e66f,

If that is just a tarball taken at some random point in time, i.e. not
a tarball corresponding to some released version, there is no
guarantee that it is buildable (on all supported platforms, in all
possible/supported configurations). Sorry. Try another one. Or try
tweaking your configure options.

And if that is a tarball of master, it surely makes much more sense to
track master as it evolves in git, not some random tarball from a week
ago. Is there some particular reason why you don't work from a fresh
git clone, but from a tarball?

There were changes recently (well, several weeks or month(s) ago if I
recall correctly) in the exported function names of the bundled expat
libraries and you might have run into some fallout of that. Hopefully
a current master should work for your configuration by now.


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