(question) File import/export in LibreOffice Spreadsheet -- where to look?

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at suse.com
Mon Nov 12 02:48:01 PST 2012

Hi William,

On Sat, 2012-11-10 at 18:23 -0500, William Park wrote:
> As a way of learning LibreOffice Spreadsheet code, I would like to add a
> simple file import/export.  The file format is sort of 3-column CSV
> format.  Can someone point me to directory/file I should look at?

	Certainly :-) so - it rather depends how you want to do that; the
problem is finding a nice clean & de-coupled filter to base from. There
are a number of filters that manipulate the core directly - they live


	but these are a bit of a PITA maintenance-wise for infrequently used
features. So it's often nicer to transform to ODF (or better ODF sax
events) as you read - but there is no good example of that for
spreadsheet filters that I know of.

	So - failing that I'd be tempted (myself) to hack the qpro/ filter in
sc/source/filter/qpro - don't try copying it etc. - you'll just end up
with nasty setup problems; just replace the methods you want - and
clobber it in-place to get something working.

	Then send in a patch for further advice; how does that sound ? :-)
there's plenty of useful work writing more modern qpro filters too FWIW
if you're interested.



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