Adding icons to the template manager

Jan Holesovsky kendy at
Tue Nov 13 05:53:54 PST 2012

Hi Alex,

Alexander Wilms píše v Út 13. 11. 2012 v 00:15 +0100:

> When compiling it I get the following error, but I don't know what's
> the difference to the syntax in navigatr.src:
> Should it basically look like the code below?

Basically yes, I believe that it must be just a small omission :-)  Can
you instead of the complete file send the diff?  Something like

git diff > for-kendy.diff

and send me the resulting for-kendy.diff file, so that I can try here

For sure there is the small problem with several definitions of
IMAGE_STDBTN_COLOR (it should be #define'd only once), but it does not
seem to be the thing it complains about.

Also, when looking at it, it is not really necessary to #define
ACTIONVIEW_IDLIST, because there is just one place that uses that, so
maybe better to write directly

    #define IMAGE_STDBTN_COLOR Color { Red = 0xff00; Green = 0x0000;
Blue = 0xff00; }

        Prefix = "actionview";
        MaskColor = IMAGE_STDBTN_COLOR ;
        IdList =
            TBI_TEMPLATE_SAVE ;
        IdCount = { 4 ; };

[but that was the same way in navigatr.src]

The last thing I noticed is that you wrote '2' in IdCount, I suppose
that should be '4'.

But in general, your changes are the right way, I believe :-) - please
catch me on the IRC, or send me the .diff.

All the best,

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