[PATCH] Bug 51309 - Names of DatabaseRanges should not be case sensitive

Mathieu D. call.protected at gmail.com
Wed Nov 14 07:22:02 PST 2012


/Sorry for the last mails. Here is the mail, hopefully correct./

I submitted a patch for the bug 51309 - Names of DatabaseRanges should 
not be case sensitive :

You will the diff file attached and on the bug's page.

Changes :

- ScDBData::less::operator() is modified to compare upper strings

- All the calls to NamedDBs::findByName() are now NamedDBs::findByUpperName().

- In case of a call to findByUpperName by an argument, the function ScGlobal::pCharClass->uppercase(aName) was used to ensure upper case.

- The definitions of FindByName() are deleted.

*All of my past and future contributions to LibreOffice may be licensed
under the MPL/LGPLv3+ dual license. *

Should be Ok !

Mathieu D.

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