[Bug 54157] LibreOffice 3.7/4.0 most annoying bugs

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Roman Eisele <bugs at eikota.de> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
            Summary|LibreOffice 3.7 most        |LibreOffice 3.7/4.0 most
                   |annoying bugs               |annoying bugs

--- Comment #28 from Roman Eisele <bugs at eikota.de> ---
**** Renamed to “LibreOffice 3.7/4.0 most annoying bugs” *****

Because LibreOffice 3.7 has been renamed to LibreOffice 4.0 now, we have to
adapt this meta bug report accordingly. But it would be a bit irritating if we
would simply rename it to “LibreOffice 4.0 most annoying bugs”, because it has
started for version 3.7, and all comments talk about “3.7”. On the other hand
it would be (IMHO) overkill to create a new, separate “LibreOffice 4.0 most
annoying bugs” report; this approach would (falsely!) suggest that 3.7 and 4.0
were different versions and branches.

Therefore the best solution (there is no perfect one!) seems to follow Rainer’s
suggestion at
to rename the present meta bug to “LibreOffice 3.7/4.0 most annoying bugs”.

One could argue that this name is a bit irritating in itself, but this time
the irritation has the advantage to remind us (if we ever manage to forget it
of the version history, i.e. of 4.0 being the continuation of 3.7 ...

I hope that everybody can live with this solution :-)

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