Build environment for official win32 builds

Enrico Weigelt enrico.weigelt at
Fri Nov 16 06:37:28 PST 2012


> There are also some features in the code that don't compile with
> MinGW. They use API that MinGW does not provide headers for etc.

Ok. Is there already some list of known issues ?

> Let me also point out that we definitely do not want to build
> *locally* on Windows with GCC (MinGW). MinGW makes sense to us only
> for cross-compilation. If one wants to build locally on a Windows
> machine, use MSVC.

Why so ?

> Note that when we say MinGW, we actually mean mingw-w64, a fork of
> MinGW that provides a more complete set of headers and import
> libraries for various Windows APIs. (Despite the "w64" in the name,
> they do provide a tool-chain producing 32-bit code, too.)

Okay. Does it run under win32/cygwin ?

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