what's the problem with system cairo ?

Enrico Weigelt enrico.weigelt at vnc.biz
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> and kde user would have gtk widget when using LO ?

Why not ? There are so many gtk-applications running fine in KDE.
IMHO (not an KDE-user so didn't check it), the l+f will be just
like Qt. 

> Why would you consider that kde and gtk are the same 'platform' and
> Mac and Windows are not from a UI perspective ?

I'm not just looking at the UI only, but the whole operating system.
To be more correct, replace "kde" by "qt". 

On *nix, we've got a pretty clean separation between operating system
(kernel+userland tools), display system (wg. X11 or DirectFB, etc),
widget toolkits (qt, gtk, wxwin, ...) and (optional) user desktop
environments (gnome, kde, xfce, ...). OTOH, Windows doesn't have that
clean separation - it's pretty much one big bundle. (MacOSX is somewhere
in the middle).

The really fine thing on *nix is that it's completely up to the
individual application which widget toolkit to choose, and applications
normally dont depend on specific desktop environments (well, mostly ;-o).

My idea was, consolidating to one crossplatform widget toolkit for
*nix as the first step, which should be pretty easy. Later also
consolidate the other platforms (not sure how complex that would be).

By the way: anybody working on porting the gtk or qt vcl to win32 or mac ?

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