Line height depending on characters in that line

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Moreover, with register-true page layout, the result is terrible (empty
lines between the lines). Maybe modification of the font file is not
possible, because the formula editor depends from OpenSymbol. A proper
solution would be to add relative size support (like in the Heading styles)
to the character size of the default character style Bullets, and set it to

By the way, there are other problems with these no-name list styles, eg.
their missing localizations. It would be fine to change or add an option to
use named numbering/list styles with Numbering/List icons and automatic
list replacement instead of these awful no-name styles.

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2012/11/20 Lubos Lunak <l.lunak at>

>  Hello,
>  I'd need a little help from somebody who knows how exactly line height is
> computed.
>  Specifically, create a new document, create a bullet list (2-3 items), and
> change it from bullets to 1. style (RMB->Bullets and
> numbering...->Numbering
> type -> any of those). Doing this (visible when repeatedly hitting Ctrl+Z
> and
> Ctrl+Y) noticeably changes the height of all the lines. With MSWord there
> isn't such a big difference, leading to different formatting on .docx
> import
> in a specific bugreport I have.
>  I have checked that this change is triggered by the bullet character
> being or
> not being present in the actual string representation of the line, so I
> assume that the bullet character from the OpenSymbol font is somehow higher
> than the rest, or that the font itself specifies this height. But I have no
> idea how this stuff works. What would be the proper way of fixing this?
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