Funding Wishlist

Thorsten Behrens thb at
Wed Nov 21 03:07:37 PST 2012

Marc Paré wrote:
> We are seriously looking at different teams' wishlists. Please do
> take a little time out of your busy schedule and speak to your teams
> about any funding for items that you think may be of importance to
> your team or the enhance the functioning of your team's work on the
> project.
Hi Marc,

thanks a lot for running this - and yes, I think the dev team would
benefit from some more tinderboxes. Unless there's other support
coming up, I'd like to suggest buying another Mac box for
gerrit/tinderboxing. I have an offer for a used Mac Mini as follows:

Mac Mini, last year's version, 2,7 GHz DualCore i7, 4 GB RAM, AMD
Radeon HD 6630M, OS X Lion, Samsung SSD 128 GB 470 Series MLC, HDMI,

(like but with bigger cpu & ssd)

Quote has it for € 700.


-- Thorsten
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